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Moving boxes can serve too much like furniture for too long. It's enough work to pack up a three, four or five bedroom house. There are drinking glasses to wrap in tissue paper or protective newspaper. Lamps need to be covered in thick material, the type of material that offers as much padding as a winter quilt.

Here's how you can unpack a full house in one day

Special care has to be given to computers, laptops, microwaves and televisions, all household items that have one or more glass pieces in them. Unless you plan on loading and unloading a moving truck solo, you have to build a team of movers or pay for professional moving services.

Regardless of how much planning and organizing you do, things pop up when you move. One of your scheduled movers receives another requests and calls to tell you that he can't help you move after all. The moving van arrives to your house late. It may save you money, but it throws your other moving plans off track.

If it keeps up, you might grow tired. All you may want to do is get your moving boxes inside your new home. If you're not careful, you could end up living around dozens of moving boxes for months. Avoid this ongoing nuisance by:

  • Sell furniture and decorations that you know you are not going to use before you start to move.
  • Load and unload boxes on the moving truck by categories. For example, unload dishes together. Unload clothes together.
  • Unload heavy furniture like sofas and chairs first.
  • Assign one to two people to actually unpack boxes while two other people unload boxes.
  • Let someone else wash out sinks and wipe down shelves.
  • Focus on unpacking. You can go back later and re-position picture frames, floral centerpieces and other items.
  • Unpack living room and kitchen items last. This will motivate you to unpack bedrooms and other rooms that you might otherwise think it's not important to unpack for several days later.
  • Start loading and unloading the moving truck early in the morning, around the same time that you leave home for work.
  • Hire professional movers to un-box and set up your belongings.

Putting off unpacking moving boxes has consequences

Loads of planning won't get your moving boxes unpacked. It takes commitment. Motivation also helps. For motivation, remind yourself of how awkward you feel when company visits and has to climb over rows of moving boxes just to reach the sofa or a chair.

Thinking about how clothes and decorative pieces could start to smell, become discolored or bend the longer they stay packed in moving boxes, is also a good motive to unpack in one day. Another motive to unpack in one day is the fact that the longer you delay unpacking, the more comfortable you could become with living with rows of moving boxes, robbing yourself of the chance to enjoy clothes,dishes and other valuables.